About me



I am busybody aunty person, an incorrigible foodie and a devoted (some say, foolishly devoted..hahaha) Gunner fan. 

By day, I manage a private equity outfit where my main tasks are manning the fort, fighting fires, thwarting pirates and slaying corporate dragons. Some days are high-fiving adrenaline-pumping while other days are pure crap that suck every drop of goodness out of me. 

Writing is my way to recentre myself. There is no specific theme to my blog but I love writing flash fiction when feeling a tad inspired, and personal stories when I am feeling a tad nostalgic for the good ol’ times. These jottings are my biggest indulgence and freedom. Read with a pinch of salt, a dollop of fiery sambal and a squeeze of lime. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing around my blog and don’t forget to say hello or drop a comment. They make my day.

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