Too little, too late

My childhood friend passed on today. Barely 50 and married with 2 adult kids.

Right now I feel wretched with guilt, because we were very close once. Inseparable. But over the years, we drifted apart as I moved away and pursued my dream relentlessly. She, on the other hand,  chose to get married right after university and became a stay at home mum. It was a vocation I had scoffed at that time because I felt that she was throwing her life away. This drove a wedge between us.

The last I saw her was at our school reunion. I must admit she looked frail. I had promised to catch up with her, but never did. She had sent me a text message afterwards saying how glad she was to meet me again and hoped that we will stay in touch.

I never made time to call. I never replied her message.

It’s too late now.