Elevator pitch

I was in the elevator on my way to a brunch appointment.

Next floor up,  a couple walked in with a fancy three-wheeler stroller. A toddler sat snugly inside watching Peppa Pig on the mounted tablet. The stroller took up half the elevator’s space. 

Up another floor, a family of five entered. Promptly lined themselves along the sides with their shopping bags, filling up every available space.

Next floor, a big tour group was waiting to enter. A guy holding a flag in the front of the group was issuing instructions in a foreign language.

Someone inside the elevator quickly closed the door, but it re-opened.

The big group insisted on squeezing their way in.

The elevator buzzed.


Someone had to leave, but the last group in refused to budge.

So we waited; whilst Miss Unclear-On-The-Concept from the last group stabbed the “Close” button repeatedly.  Duh!

I guessed that was when someone decided to let a fart ripped.

A big one.. with a full-bodied throttle.

A heady mix of gas from whatever-he-ate-over-the-weekend. Chokes!

Never seen so many people rushed out of an elevator in record time.