Part 4: The Work-in-Progress

     Eyes darted furtively at my direction when they thought I was not looking. By now, the news of my chance conversation with Martin Lam, the bank’s ultimate Tier One target, would have reached the ears of the Bank’s CEO.  I expect him to “have a word with me” soon.  Dread bubbled inside me. 

     Past midnight and I am wide awake.

     Isn’t there a Japanese legend that says: If you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you are awake in someone else’s dream?

     Is he thinking of me? Is he awake too?

     Those eyes. Those lips. Oh God, he is so handsome!  

     Outside, the lights of the city were fading away.  I counted them..he likes me, he likes me not, he likes me, he likes me not, he likes me, he likes me…hmm… I looked around and saw three small red beacons on top a telecommunication tower at the far corner. He likes me.  I laughed happily and hugged my pillow tightly.

     The first thing I did this evening was to fuss over what to wear for tomorrow’s breakfast.  After trying on several combinations, I decided on my just-in-case-I-have-a-formal-meeting outfit. It would definitely be over the top for breakfast but what the heck!

     I skipped the evening’s dinner with my friends, citing fatigue. The truth was I wasn’t tired. Adrenalin gushed through my veins. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts.

     Alone, with my mind replaying the picture of Martin Lam with his bowl of ramen at breakfast this morning.

     Alone, with the picture of him smiling at me in the elevator this evening.

     I giggled.

     He wants me to join him for breakfast, my heart sang. be continued.


Published by

Andrea Boult

Blogs Malaysian short stories at Occasionally I blog in Manglish.

2 thoughts on “Part 4: The Work-in-Progress”

    1. Thanks Oldstock. Frankly, I do not know where this story is going. That is why I called it The Work-in-Progress; because that is what it is. LOL.

      That said, I must admit that the story is slowly growing on me and it has started to keep me awake on some nights thinking of how the plot is going to traject.


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