Flash fiction – Sunday interlude

I squeal and laugh.

“Shhhshh! not too loud,” you say, kneading the various parts of my foot.

Certain reflexology points hurt like crazy, others are pee-generating ticklish.

Endorphins! That’s what you say you are trying to release. The body’s natural pain reliever.

“Feel better?” you ask.

I nod sheepishly.

I had earlier pooh-poohed your foot reflexology idea.

I look at you. You are studying my feet. “Your feet are really small. What shoe size are you? Kid’s size?”  I throw the cushion at you and dive to rub it against your face. “No! I am a UK size 4-half,” I protest.

“Yup! definitely kid’s size,” you wink.

Then you start rubbing the sides of my foot. Your touch is unusually warm. You squeeze the sides of my big toe, rolling it between your fingers. A fuzzy, woozy, tingling sensation shoot up my leg. All the way up my thighs.

I blush. A nervous giggle escape my lips.

You look up, startle.

Our eyes meet. I lower mine and quickly look to my side. You put my foot down slowly and run your hand across your shaven chin.

You stand up and stretch.  “Want some tea?” you ask, walking briskly to the kitchen before I could answer.



Author: The fat lady

Blogs stories at www.justwritelah.wordpress.com. Occasionally I blog about life as a private equity investor.

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