Caution: subconscious at work

Sometimes one’s subconscious does funny things, like:

first, you innocently pick up to read Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen, before finding yourself propelled to Anne Tyler’s A Beginner’s Goodbye. By then, you would have decided, what the heck! let’s make it 3 out of 3; and you finish off with Joan Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking.

What’s the common thread that binds all three? you might ask.

Grief, I would reply. Grief and mourning and moving on without really moving out.

That’s the subconscious at work.

A mischievous little fella he can sometimes be.


Author: The fat lady

Nosey aunty person. Foodie. Arsenal fan. Currently grappling with Blockchain technology. De-stresses by writing nonsensical stories at

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